Welcome to the homepage of the Department of Opera and Music Theatre - the international Opera School of the University Mozarteum Salzburg.

Here you learn everything about the entire department. You easily get a generel idea about the entire offer. You can find all photographs and video clips of the past recent opera productions. If you are interested in studying at our school, you find all relevant and useful information about the studies on this website. 

The Department of Music Theatre consists of two classes with about ten to fifteen students. Each opera class has its own stage director and musical leader/conductor. All professorial posts are awarded to high-ranking and professinally experienced „theatre makers“. This implicates the reorientation of the Department of Music Theatre to be an institution of apprenticeship and theatre practice. 


Stage Direction: Univ.-Prof. Karoline Gruber
  Univ.-Prof. Alexander von Pfeil
Conducter (Musical Leader): Univ.-Prof. Kai Röhrig
  Univ.-Prof. Gernot Sahler


Beside the studies with the stage director and the musical leader, the student receives vocal lessons by the professors of the Univ. Mozarteum Salzburg. 

Ten professional pianists provide musical accompaniment and coachings for the students, working on all musical parts, giving lessons or coachings. They also take over the musical accompaniment during internal auditions, exams or recordings and acccompany the musical and stage rehearsals

The offer of study is supplemented by competent teachers of all subjects and subsidiaries of the curriculum. It includes language services, consultancy and coachings (Italian, German, French, Russian – referring to the production), fencing, body movement, dialogue, dance etc.

The teaching staff is regularely reinforced by a number of additional renowned guest lecturers. Main emphasis is particularely made on audition training and stylistic education/musical specialization.